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Cafe Amore
Love is brewing at Vincent's popular coffee shop. As he pours his heart and soul into reopening his late wife's coffee shop, his customers are inspired to take a leap with their own journeys in love and lust. After watching from the sidelines for so long, will Vincent be able to move on and rediscover his own passion again as well?
AOV Couple Nights AOV For U2! Spice up your love life! Every Saturday at 10pm, AOV brings the spark in your bedroom!

Dirty Halloween

Buffy and her hot friends are searching for bloodsuckers. When Willow casts a spell that leaves the Scoobies stuck in a sex-filled dream world, none of them want to escape! Join AOV as we take you for a bloodsuckers filled Halloween…Wednesday October 31st @ 10pm ET.


Add some colors to your dreams! Cookies and cream and sexy dreams is coming to AOV with Ebony & Ivory Fridays at 10pm only on AOV!